UAG SP3 Upgrade Process

While upgrading to UAG SP3, I missed the part where you should update TMG to SP2 Update Rollup 3. The UAG upgrade went smooth but didn’t work after I imported my old configuration. Luckily I had read enough to export the configuration which you need to convert to an SP3 schema using the UAGSchemaUpgradeUtil.exe in <UAG Install>\common\bin. After importing the config, UAG couldn’t update TMG properly with errors such as Firewall settings cannot be updated Error 0x80070057. I couldnt find anything online about it so let’s start troubleshooting.


Reinstall SP3….nope.

Hmm….upgrade schema and reimport the previous configuration….Ah HAH!

Apparently the schema update utility is dependent on TMG being at the proper SP level as well. Once I did this, I could also see all the firewall rules being created whereas before, there were only 4 rules.


Enjoy and this tip and RTFM!


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